A passion for your products

The FFS Fragrance Team creates superior fragrances, concepts, and solutions for our customers. Our passion for high standards reflects the quality brands we serve.

We strive to be an essential component of our customer’s success by supporting the creation and evolution of their products.

  • Creating winning fragrances and solutions
  • Developing trend-forward marketing concepts
  • Providing collaborative flavor & fragrance ideas
  • Proactive innovation and technology
  • Improving our sales, service, and supply chain

Several unique technologies support our emphasis on household and personal care fragrances. Proprietary malodor control systems – including EOC™ (Environmental Odor Control) can be found in category-leading market products.

At FFS we create new product forms and applications; from the conceptual to the tangible and practical. We stretch the limits providing new and exciting options for our customers.

We design fragrances for a variety of categories such as home environment/air care, household cleaning, industrial & institutional, personal care and pet care.