An invitation to get to know us better...

When you do, you will find a willing collaborator and one, which is exceptional among flavor & fragrance companies. We have an extensive history of successful collaborations; with a customer-driven, long-term approach that fosters a vibrant business relationship.

In addition to generating flavors and fragrances, FFS has expertise in the creation, improvement and innovation of consumer products. By collaborating with us, you will gain access to R&D, regulatory, marketing and the skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Support personnel are available to collaborate in the creation of product samples. The firm's laboratory complex includes pilot plant facilities for scaling commercial production.

Since enhanced and innovative product concepts are what drive sales in any market, FFS is committed to entering into new venture partnerships for the purpose of developing and applying new technologies. Supporting these services are our guest laboratories, where a customer/ partner may conduct experiments in private or with staff assistance.