Leadership with care and commitment

Michael Bloom  |  William Palmer  |  Robert C. Frantzen  |  Dianne Sansone


Michael Bloom


As President, chairman of the board, and one of the founders at Flavor & Fragrance Specialties (FFS), Mike ensures the founding principles and culture are preserved with a clear vision for the future.

Professionally, he is a certified flavor chemist and instituted the flavor chemist test for certification of all flavor chemists’ in the United States. He has also served on numerous committees of the society.

Mike has also been past presidents of both the National Association of Flavors and Food Ingredient Systems (NAFFS) and the Chemical Source Association, and served on numerous committees of these organizations.

Mike started his career at American Flavor & Fragrance, moving up to a senior flavor chemist at Synfleur, where he met Robert T. Maleeny. From there the beginnings of Flavor & Fragrance Specialties were started.  

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William Palmer

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President, one of the founders, and board member at FFS, Willy ensures the execution of the corporate vision for the flavor and fragrance divisions.

Professionally, he is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists – where he has served as the Maryland chapter chairman – and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Willy is well known throughout the coffee industry and has been a featured speaker internationally at industry events as well as a published author.

Prior to entering the flavor & fragrance industry, he received a BS in Biology from the University of New Mexico, then continued his education in business at Loyola College of MD and numerous brief professional courses. He taught science before joining his family flavor & fragrance business.

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Robert C. Frantzen

Sales & Marketing Director

As Director of sales & marketing at FFS, Robert is responsible for the strategic growth and development of flavors & fragrances. Robert leads the efforts of the sales and marketing teams – in conjunction with technical services.

With over twenty years in the industry, Robert's wide-range of experience includes finance, and operations, as well as Senior Vice President managing sales in the Fragrance business.

Robert earned his BS degree in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Finance and Marketing.

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Dianne Sansone

Director of Technical Services

As Director of Technical Services, Dianne is responsible for the strategic growth and all commercial development for the flavor and fragrance technical groups. Dianne oversees all creative, applications, and analytical efforts.

As a certified senior flavor chemist Dianne's background includes over twenty years of experience with FFS.

Professionally, she is an active member of the WFFC (Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce) where she was honored in 2007, is a member of the Society of Flavor Chemists and has served on the Board of Chemical Sources Association.

Dianne earned her BS degree in Business and Environmental Science at Ramapo College and holds an executive MBA from Anna Maria College.

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