Transforming ideas into solutions

With over 25 years of industry experience, FFS Fragrance applications specialists offer a unique perspective and understanding of challenging bases and formulations. They are dedicated to solving inherent problems associated with difficult bases and offering innovative solutions and winning fragrances.

The team has developed and/or enhanced many of the world's currently popular consumer products, supporting its perfumery group and clients through in-depth stability analysis and panel testing. Because knowledge of product characteristics is critical to the application of fragrances to consumer products, the creative team explores all circumstances that might affect the final outcome. The result is a product that delivers consistent fragrance results in a variety of conditions.

Our range of technology includes...

  • EOC™ – Our Environmental Odor Control, a malodor counteractant system has been applied in a broad spectrum of products for more than 20 years.
  • Ammonia Guard – Prevents the formulation of ammonia in finished products.
  • Aromcap – Flavor & fragrance encapsulated in proprietary matrices.
  • Polyscents – A unique polymer/fragrance system.
  • Smoke Relief – A smoke-odor neutralizer for areas contingent to a burned space or substance.
  • Liquid Cap – An easy-to-use, dual action polymer system that acts as an upon-demand and time-released fragrance.
  • Patents – Polyurethane/polurea matrices for the delivery of fragrances.