Inspiration through innovation

The FFS Flavor Laboratory emphasizes creativity & collaboration as its formula for success. With nearly a third of our entire staff being technically trained and devoted to product development, our focus is to solve our customers' challenges and set new standards through the combination of art and science. We are experts at masking and enhancing fortified products – including functional beverages – with experience in all key food & beverage categories. Our teams work in concert with our customers to optimize flavor compatibility and help identify critical areas that might affect product integrity.

We have a strong heritage as the market leader for the flavoring of brewed beverages as well as longstanding success in oral care products, including natural toothpastes and mouthwashes. And with flavors and fragrances fully integrated, FFS can maximize cross-market opportunities for creative and technical synergies.

Pushing the envelope has become standard operating procedure, as we meet the demands of today's ever more sophisticated consumer. But whether your product is innovative or traditional, FFS flavor development specialists offer the skills and services to ensure that each product exceeds expectations.